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VideosTake Control Of Your Music Career | #20DAYSOFFOCUS Challenge

Take Control Of Your Music Career | #20DAYSOFFOCUS Challenge

Learning how to get your music out there to the people and how to effectively promote your music is key to ever having any success with your music, but that’s not all you need to worry about. Building your music brand through proper music marketing is impossible without first developing habits and a routine that will deliver you to those achievements. Lack of focus leads to having confidence issues and without confidence and focus we find ourselves feeling completely hopeless and stuck with no clear idea of how to change either. This video is special to me because I know that anyone who makes the decision to go all in on it will see a massive transformation in their life and will discover a heightened sense of focus and confidence in their pursuit of having a career in music. Let’s do this #20DAYSOFFOCUS Challenge together and show the world what we can do in 20 days!

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