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Audie B is a French-Australian rap artist and dancer currently based in Paris. Born of parents passionate about music and travel, Audie B made her first steps in Paris and began dancing at three years old. Her progress came to a temporary halt when her parents separated at the age of four, and due to their separation, she relocated to the coastal city of Newcastle, near Sydney with her mother. 

Supportive of Audie B’s passion for dance and music, her mother helped her to continue her dance education. 

She joined Royal Academy of Dance classical ballet classes and then took up modern jazz and contemporary dance under the direction of Marie Walton-Mahon at the National College of Dance.

Dance was the outlet that helped Audie B deal with her new life circumstances.  Newcastle (Australia) life, people, and culture would quickly become a huge part of Audie B’s identity and influence on her future music.

Through performing, Audie B became pulled into music, which quickly became the outlet that fueled her even ahead of dance. 

And hip hop, especially, became her #1 focus. Audie B began studying rap artists from around the world, but became especially drawn to Eminem and his no BS vibe and extreme skill at the mic. 

Audie B drew her own inspiration from roaming the streets as a kid, crazy relationships, navigating jealous girls, and the rollercoaster of emotions navigating two nationalities, identities, and cultures, all the time.

It was because of this that Audie B knew what she had to do to rise the ranks: hustle. And hustle she did. She completed her University studies in Sydney, and travelled through Europe. She ended up back in Sydney and dabbled in acting, Tv presenting,  choreographing and dance teaching. 

She went on to work 3 years on cruise ships travelling the world.

After this, Audie B decided to settle in Paris, France to hone her craft as a hip hop artist, as well as a dancer and actor and get back to her roots. France’s diversity in thought, music, and culture was a natural landing zone for Audie B to continue to develop a sound, look, and vibe that was unique to her and take her music career to the next level. 

She has not stopped ever since, has released several singles, including Scandalous, Back in the Game, and Never Stop, as well as collaborated with major hip hop artists around the world. The most recent collaboration includes world recognized West Coast rapper The Game. Audie B is also collaborating with top Sony charting producers, composers and top french charting producers. Audie B’s love for the grind has become a lifestyle that she embraces. 2020 has not been an easy year to say the least but not even a strict lockdown could keep her away from recording new songs, making astonishing collaborations, doing (online) interviews, and coming up with bright new ideas to connect with her fans.

More singles, more music, more Audie B is coming your way. To use her own words content will NEVER STOP!

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